and now what

There was an itch somewhere in my head that triggered me to make this entry. For once, I imagined myself being independent, stepping aloft the cold surface of this world through my own feet. I imagined spending a lot of money I earned by my own sweat and labor. I imagined my whole life living not depending on my family’s income or decisions and/or with my friends’ opinions. For once, I imagined myself embracing the real me – the one who I long to become. But imaginations are far from reality, and there is no power in this world that I can use to teleport myself into my made-up world.

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turtles all the way down — done.

2019-02-05 041808953471..jpg

Here’s a story of a girl suffering with mental illness. As she simultaneously deals with her own world, she then realized that her world is indeed an intense place.

Hello there! Here’s a quick post on my thoughts about Turtles All The Way Down—which I can assure spoiler free. I managed to finish reading this as quickly as I could, in spite of how busy I was last week.

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