goals and about

Someone has asked me, “why education course? You know no teacher gets rich, right?”

First of all, I’m not after a wealthy life, I’m after a professional life. I don’t picture myself living glamorously under gold-painted cars, wearing clothes of expensive brands, or living in a three-story house that has a big chlorine-d pool in a backyard. I don’t even picture myself travelling the globe only because of the unspent money left in my bank accounts. I’m after professional life and that basically means I’m picturing myself being highly respected by all people and embracing the privileges I could have. I know this seems somewhat a wishful thought but, I want to follow my mother’s legacy.

You see, anticipating about having a wealthy life, travelling around the world just to be a hip, buying clothes of expensive brands from expensive boutiques just to look rich, or living in a luxurious mansion surrounded by ostentatious gates are merely a perfect insecurity. I’m sorry but, for me, it is.

Being a teacher is such a big privilege that a person can have, isn’t it? And I’m not wasting my chance to be one. I’m doing my best.

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