I passed the LET!

now i can finally say it’s done! no, not really the done that you might about to think. not the done that you would think that i think it’s over and finally smile all the time in all the ways possible. not the done that i would relax myself and just assume things to go in good ways. no. it’s probably the kind of done that i would be thankful about as of now. because finally, it’s over. the preparation, the pressure, the worries, etc. it’s over.

i have been preparing myself for this moment to come. and to tell you, it wasn’t a cool preparation. somehow, it was like the world was on my shoulders. i felt like i was carrying the whole planet and the only thing i knew was, if i would be careless everything might just fall and gone. i know this sounds stupid, but that was how it felt. everyone was counting on me. everyone was asking me if had i been preparing enough. everyone’s eyes were on me. and it wasn’t cool. but at least, i took that pressure personally. i embraced that pressure and used it as my leverage to work harder and improve what i needed to improve.

before the battle began, (sounds corny) i enrolled to a review center thay said was good and promising. well, they weren’t wrong after all. that review center was carl balita review center and they provide the best resources for the things you need to learn. especially on the subjects you even might think impossible for you to learn. i mean, i’ve studied the course of education for four years. how can i just remember everything so easily and learn them again for just a couple of months and take the board exam—especially professional education subjects? but carl balita review center made it possible. it’s a little give-and-take relationship i had with them. they give much effort for us, reviewees to learn and it’s our duty to give effort as well on learning. honestly, there were more things i learned from carl balita review center than from my four years of studying (lol).

on september 30, 2018 i took the board exam. honetly, i was a little doubtful of myself if i could make it. i mean, i didn’t trust myself well that time. the only thing that made me think it’s possible for me to pass, was by thinking i worked hard for it. i slept late every night. i read nothing but reviewers, only reviewers. and of course, by praying. it was Him that i could only ask for help as always, and up until now i’m so thankful. very thankful of Him for making this moment to happen.

i think this is the plot twist i have been waiting for my entire life.

it is true that once you work hard for things you want to reach, it’s not impossible to happen. just keep believing on yourself and never have the discouragement to keep your faith on Him.

it is Him that helps you most of the things you dream of reaching.

this is my now. i will do my very best to continue this journey on teaching.

thank God i did it! jeeez.

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