five reasons why ‘the book thief’ is my favorite

i assume everyone has already read this book. i mean, the moment i realized i was in love with books, it was there. the night i binge-watched some youtube videos and got lost to a blogger that recommends books to read, it was there. and the day my cousin donated some books to me, it was one of them. it always has been there.

i have read great books before but i haven’t put so much attention to this. now i’m regretting to have read it this late—it was just last year that i had time to read it—because this book is so good and enticing. the dramatic poignance of this book is truly affecting and learning.

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the altar of secrets is blunt but full of truths and revelations

2019-02-01 03570325820..jpg

i can’t believe such harsh things happen in church. maybe i was just too numb—or dumb—to not realize this is logically and unlikely possible. maybe i was also too blind to see the hidden truth or the hidden curse of serving these men of this religion. it is God Himself i worship. it’s just too disappointing and shameful to share my faith with these filthy men (so far i haven’t encountered such church leader—particularly a priest, thankfully.)

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finally read norwegian wood

2019-02-01 031288757099..jpg

i’ve been meaning to read this since the time someone on tumblr made a giveaway of books he needed to get rid off his shelf. norwegian wood by haruki murakami was one of the books. i got curious because i have never heard of such author before. it was the first time i encountered the book—on the giveaway along with the other books i already knew. what i did was i googled it and the author. suddenly, i found myself fascinated—i don’t know which portion of this googling i was fascinated with, but i knew it was either about the book or about the author. of course i participated on the giveaway. i followed the steps to be done to be one of the hopeful winners. unfortunately, i did not win. it’s kinda disappointing, i know. so i just looked for the book online and settled with the cheapest one (which actually still not cheap for me.)

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