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photo from norwegian wood

i’m not really into movies. if i watch it’s either recommended by a friend or an adaptation of a book i already read. not that movies suck. actually they’re good—maybe better than books. it’s just that i don’t have much more time to indulge myself to movies. also, i’m broke. if i have to spend money just to watch a movie, i’d rather spend it for books. yes, that’s how broke i am. but not for books though, there are always ways for a bookworm to buy books.

anyway, i can’t believe i’m doing this just now—blogging about the movies i just watched whether i like them or not. of course, it’s way better to write an entry for each of these movies. but i’m just way too lazy to do such. i guess by comprising them to a one post is a lot better because i don’t have much to say about them anyway. i just want to talk why i like them or the opposite.

there are plenty of movies that people like to watch that some people don’t, aren’t there? i mean personally, there are some movies that i find boring but some find it fasinating. like why do they like this kind of movies and i don’t? am i missing something?

so here’s a list of movies i watched recently. i ranked them from the movie i like the most moving down to the one i like the least.

1. every day

after reading the book, i quickly reached out my laptop and watched the movie on 123movies. thank God we have this free site where we can browse movies free and in HD. i’m not sure if this is illegal, but who cares anyway? i’m broke. i hope it is reason enough to consider.

although they revised some parts, i still like the movie as much as i like the book. the gist of the plot is still there. A, who wakes up in a different body every morning meets rhiannon and the story goes on. (do i have to tell more about it? i think it’s better for you to read or watch it yourself.)

moreover, i don’t actually just like it, i love it. the story just makes it harder for me to grasp fully the nature of soul. it just happened that i was already having anxiety—which is a human nature and i’m not trying to sound cliché here tho—and coincidentally, i encountered this story. it seems that i don’t know which to believe now. does each of us really have a soul? or is it just another human belief because we cannot bare without? and i don’t really understand how it works, but this story just hit me. A’s life sounds not only lonely but sad. if he’s a soul, he’s quite possibly a lost one.

nonetheless, the story also tells us that love cannot only be felt by seeing the physical attribution or gender of the person, but by their individuality that is seen inside regardless of how cool or awful the person looks. true love is felt from the inside not from the outside. although most of the time we base it on the outside and that’s sad.

2. what happened to monday

my cousin gave me a copy of this when she invited us to slumber party at her house because her family was away for christmas. but i didn’t watch it as soon as i went home the next day, it’s because 1. i wasn’t interested (yet) or 2. irresponsible for reminding myself that my cousin sent me a copy of a very good—quite possibly the best—post apocalyptic movie to have ever filmed in the history of hollywood film. and when i say best, it’s literally best and i mean it. i’m not exagerrating anything here.

set in the future, the world has become very populated. very populated to such extent that it has scared the shit out of me. sorry for the cussing. but really, this movie may be sick but i like its plot… oh okay so i just said this movie is sick. it is though. when the planet has become over populated and the bureau imposed the one-child policy to every part of the planet.

and what sucks even more? siblings get killed. actually, secretly killed because the bureau only promised to freeze the bodies of captived siblings when actually they burn them to ashes.

and in such tragic time, there has been born seven siblings at the same day and at the same time. seven. i guess the universe is playing fun with them. the only way to be safe is play along the game the universe has bestowed upon them. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. these are their names. each has only to go out when her privileged day has come. this sucks, right? but i was intrigued by the situation. they are not only socially deprived, they are life-deprived. how can they enjoy life when they live it the way they live it as such?

and what sucks most? monday betrayed them.

to sum up, the story is good because i think it’s reaching out the current generation to be vigilant of the possibilities that might about to come, and it left us a responsibilty of who-knows-what and to not let such sick government manipulation happen. although our government is already sick, that government alone in the story is the sickest one to have ever made in the history of film.

3. norwegian wood

this movie could have been first on the list if they adapted the book very well—if only they included some of my favorite lines from the book especially the ones from midori, my favorite character. i just love the book and i’m quite disappointed that i’ve seen less of my expectations after watching the movie. honestly, i don’t like this adaptation as much as i like every day’s. both the book and the movie of every day are good in such a way you cannot see any reason to be biased if it’s either the book or the movie that is better.

however, the contexts are still there. it still draws loss, friendship, and sex into one whole picture commemorating toru watanabe’s memory of his harsh encounter with puberty.

4. the bird box

the only reason why i watched this movie is obvious—everyone was talking about it. rather than contradicting the social trend, i just gave it a go. as of hoping to understand why was this movie so popular, i had only confused myself after watching it.

the movie itself is even promoted to be thrilling, but i don’t think so. the only way to make it even more thrilling is to find out what in the hell is happening to them rather than escaping from it.

it only left confusions to me. how in the hell everything started? where are the monsters? are there even monsters? what do they see that provokes them into killing themselves? what is the message anyway? to no longer use the sense of sight to save humanity?

nevertheless, i appreciate the performance of the actors. they showed much effort and emotions that allured me into watching it until the end with interest. especially sandra bullock. i’ve known her since the time i watched ‘the proposal’, and i was always fascinated by how she embodies the character. from the thing called love, a time to kill, all about steve, gravity, etc. all of her performances were great, no wonder she carried off her character in this movie very well.

with this in mind, i guess this kind of movie is still new to me. again, i’m not indulged so much to movies so i think that explains. anyway, the movie is good only that, i remain confused and unsatisfied.

5. a quiet place

same thought from the bird box. confusing, has bland plot, and unsatisfying. no offense to the ones who like this movie, we have different views and opinions with regard to what we prefer to watch. i’m just writing my thoughts about this movie okay. are we cool?

because here it goes… i don’t like this movie. the only reason why i was eager to watch it was because of same reason—socially intriguing. everyone was also talking about this movie when it was released. but i didn’t watch it right after someone has told me to. my friends said it was a good movie with suspenseful scenes, but i don’t think so.

while the bird box is about escaping, a quiet place is about surviving. both have lack details on the plot that should explain more about the monsters that suddenly show up killing 96% of human population. it’s funny how the writers of these movies are trying to send us a message that an apocalypse is coming when both of these are cringy and not even threatening. that should be the essence, right? this kind of movies should have been more threatening so they could much be appreciated.

also i don’t like the irresponsibleness the parents show in this movie. they let their son walked behind them on the railway, provoking the son to play his sound-producing toy. unforunately, of course, the son got killed leaving the parents the guilt and conscience of carelessness. the mother (who played by emily blunt) has even got herself pregnant. i didn’t actually know what to feel about this. should i be worried for the horror that she might about to face when gives birth to her baby or should i laugh about this couple’s stupidity of not thinking wisely—acknowleding their situation is very complex.

i’m not sure if i’m missing something, but i don’t really like this movie. regardless of the fact that emily blunt is in it. this just doesn’t draw any interest or attention to me.

I hope this doesn’t illustrate any form of maze. i’ve only said what were in my mind. if i have really missed something, please never hesitate to drop a comment. i’m up to enlightenment.

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