what i’ve been reading

A few months ago I planned to post a quick review for each book I read, but unfortunately I got hooked with so many responsibilities in my studies, college is eating me! I even forgot to manage my blog so well to such extent that I did no longer appreciate every little detail of my life that is worth blogging about. But college is my most priority now. What am I babbling about?

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turtles all the way down — done.

2019-02-05 041808953471..jpg

Here’s a story of a girl suffering with mental illness. As she simultaneously deals with her own world, she then realized that her world is indeed an intense place.

Hello there! Here’s a quick post on my thoughts about Turtles All The Way Down—which I can assure spoiler free. I managed to finish reading this as quickly as I could, in spite of how busy I was last week.

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