films i recently watched

photo from norwegian wood

i’m not really into movies. if i watch it’s either recommended by a friend or an adaptation of a book i already read. not that movies suck. actually they’re good—maybe better than books. it’s just that i don’t have much more time to indulge myself to movies. also, i’m broke. if i have to spend money just to watch a movie, i’d rather spend it for books. yes, that’s how broke i am. but not for books though, there are always ways for a bookworm to buy books.

anyway, i can’t believe i’m doing this just now—blogging about the movies i just watched whether i like them or not. of course, it’s way better to write an entry for each of these movies. but i’m just way too lazy to do such. i guess by comprising them to a one post is a lot better because i don’t have much to say about them anyway. i just want to talk why i like them or the opposite.

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Is Happy Death Day a spooktacular movie?

Happy Halloween! I just thought that reviewing a spooky-themed movie seems a lot of fun, especially that it’s now the season for bits of trick-or-treat stuff, pop corns, or ghost seeking (if you find this fun haha). You see, I’m one of those kids who have a poor social life and the only way to lit my soul up are films or TV/ Netflix series with, of course, a little help of my bed and blankets.

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