on lockhart’s ‘genuine fraud’ and ‘we were liars’

it’s 2019 but i haven’t posted my thoughts about these books of e. lockhart yet. i feel like i have to feature these in my blog because they became one of my favorites in the year 2017. this may sound late but i hope not too late for you to appreciate my effort on conditioning my mind into recalling what my discernments are regarding these books.

i tried to recall much things about them—attempting to write long and detailed reviews. but i only have come up into writing short ones which, i think, might be better for the readers to deal since it’s way better to read only the important insights without further details to deal with.

these are only short reviews of ‘genuine fraud’ and ‘we were liars.’ but i hope you’d still find something on these since 90% are just my thoughts. anyway, you can freely comment if there’s something that bothers you from these reviews. spill the tea, my friend.

genuine fraud


i got fascinated to this book by the time i started reading it. this is the first book of e. lockhart i read. it was quite confusing at the very start, because the author has a unique style in terms of writing.

the protagonist, jule west williams, is really a good and strong character to such extent that she depicts how women should be potent and genius. as i was reading this book, i was enormously stunned by how fierce and impeccable jule is. obviously, jule has the social power to commit fraudulent doings, it is her very special skill to keep her life in balance to such way good and healthy life will embrace her. Well I guess that’s the irony here, you do vile things in order to have power.

honestly, the book doesn’t have a very exciting and surprising plot but as you keep reading, turning the pages until you feel its astonishing jaw-dropping twist, the book really has an artistic essence for it is written in a different way. you might confuse yourself a little at first, but later on you will understand how everything started and how everything will end.

also, this book teaches us how to be cautious for choosing and trusting strangers.

final verdict: 4.5 / 5 stars

we were liars


i decided to read another book of e. lockhart after reading her latest one – genuine fraud. I didn’t plan to be this such of a fan of hers, but I was quite wowed by genuine fraud that I didn’t think twice to delve much to her works.

so okay, how do I begin this. we were liars is quite the book most people must read especially for the reason that it gives us the sensitivity we need for family issues or friendships. i like how the story flows about friendships and romance that which somehow deliver people into learning how to value friends and loved ones. I mean not really “friendship”, there are the ‘sinclair’ cousins of cadence who she really loves and as such, cousins are people we first form true and fondly friendship with, right? and there is ‘gat’, the gat she loves, the gat she thinks about most of the time, and the gat she admires for his wide range of knowledge about the world and universes. unfortunately, harris, the grandfather is a colossal racist that builds big walls around his granddaughter.

the sinclairs are quite a toxic family that cadence and her cousins can’t handle. their mothers turned to be rivals for their grandfather’s money and this is the thing which pushed them to commit some kind of crime. the crime that which changed everything. maybe this happens when a family thinks only about the money, the inheritance, or the legacy of their ancestors that they never think twice about the outcome and what it is like to the children.

the sinclair cousins got caught up and yes, they did a crime and they did the right thing. except, there is one thing that cadence regrets.

honestly, my heart seemed torn apart when i finished reading the book. this book is just one of the books that will probably leave you drowning in your own tears. the ending was unpredictable but will definitely leave you valuable lessons.

final verdict: 4.5 / 5 stars

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